February 2012

Breaking the Load-Sharing Limit

diesel generator set farm

In the beginning there could be at most 8 GENCON™ controllers in an isochronous load-sharing generator-set system. Later, using two back-to-back connected Communicators this limit has been extended to 14 while maintaining compatibility with all the standard operating configurations. Still, in large power plant farms which support the utility it is a common requirement to be able to operate in isochronous load-sharing mode as well.

Wexler CSD Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has extended the MODBUS firmware branch of the GENCON™ controller to include a droop method where the bus frequency and voltage can effectively be held at a constant level through a central computer (PLC) adjustments. Offered as well is an HMI (Gview) that through multiple RS485 ports controls and monitors the generator-sets in peak-shaving and load-sharing modes.

GView is a Windows XP/Vista/7 program suitable for manually attended power plants with an arbitrary number of generator-sets.