Paralleling with the mains

This diagram describes a peak-lopping (shaving) genset application:Line Diagram
Genset "G" is controlled by GENCON® II.
In#1 is one of its 16 contact sensing inputs. K#7 is one of its 11 output relays.

GENCON® II starts the genset when its In#1 input is activated. It synchronizes the genset with the mains. When the voltage and the phase of the generator are sufficiently close to the voltage and the phase of the mains, the relay K#7 closes the generator breaker and parallel connection with the mains begins. The genset raises the amount of active (kW) and reactive (kVAr) power that it exports to the mains at a predetermined rate, until the export quotas are met. When the In#1 input is deactivated, export of power is reduced at a predetermined rate. When reaching zero the relay K#7 is de energized, the generator breaker opens and the genset stops after a cooling off period.

Export Cycle Chart
The active power (kW) export cycle (the reactive power (kVAr) export cycle is similar).