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Wexler is the first company to introduce in 1993 a generator-set controller with built-in paralleling functions, the GENCON® II model.

Based on the experience gathered from thousands of installations from all over the world Wexler had launched in 1998 its successor model, the GENCON® II pro.

In doing so Wexler is forcing the industry to forsake the expensive method of building auto-synchronizing generator-set panels using separate modules.

Recent attempts by the older name companies in the generator-set field to imitate the GENCON® controller prove that Wexler's approach is the way that all future generator-sets shall be built. Still, when it comes to INNOVATION, EXPERIENCE and PERFORMANCE per PRICE the GENCON® II pro stands out as the clear market leader.

Click on the picture to download the technical description of GENCON® II pro in Adobe's PDF format.